MIICO is a member-based organization based in Mbeya. The organization mainly operates in the southern highlands of Tanzania, which covers the following regions, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Rukwa and Katavi. 

These organizations: are Isangati agricultural development organization (IADO), Integrated rural development organization(IRDO) Tanzania grass roots oriented development(TAGRODE)  Action for Development Programs (ADP Mbozi) and Kaengesa Environmental Society (KAESO).

Since its registration in 2005, we have grown from being a mere coordination office to an organization with the capacity to implement projects and programs. We have specializations in training smallholder farmers in good agricultural practices, business skills, access to financial services, entrepreneurship skills and has been successful in facilitating negotiations between farmers and other actors such as financial institutions, input suppliers and markets.



We at MIICO envision a Tanzanian society with improved livelihoods, sustenance  and adequately managed resources.


MIICO with member organizations exist to facilitate the poor and marginalized groups in Tanzania to spearhead their own social and economic development for the purpose of improving their livelihoods. 

This is done through policy engagement and advocacy, CBO’s capacity development, economic empowerment and wealth creation, documentation and information sharing and carrying out research and policy analysis.

 In pursuing this, MIICO will collaborate and network with other like minded development partners / actors while addressing gender, HIV/ AIDS and good governance.


MIICO has over 18 years (i.e. since 1986 when its members were projects) of working with smallholder farmers and other poor disadvantaged community members in Mbozi, Ileje and Mbeya districts in developing entrepreneurial skills to enable them spearhead their own social and economic development in the agriculture sector.
MIICO, being a consortium is fulfilling its obligations by involving over 25 technical staff and other 15 support staff. The specialties of staff vary from rural development, Agricultural engineering,Environment science, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics, Community development and Financial management.

The team of staff has qualifications ranging from Certificate to Master’s degree levels.They are experienced, trained and exposed in Marketing, Agricultural production,Entrepreneurship, management, governance, organizational development, facilitation skills and many other participatory approaches.

The organization has worked in Rural areas for food security, environmental conservation, Gender mainstreaming, Access to market since its inception in year 2001. Also MIICO is facilitating nascent NGOs/CSOs in Mbeya region and in the Southern Highlands so that they can be effective in their interventions. MIICO is an engineer of the formation of NGO networks in the region (the Mbeya NGO
network, the Regional marketing forum and the Mbeya Intermediary Gender Network).

We've worked with impoverished and developing communities for over 18 years building a better future.

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